IV Therapy Memberships

IV Therapy in Mount Juliet, Franklin and Nashville

Annual IV Therapy Memberships


At Invigorate Health in Mount Juliet and now Franklin and Nashville, we are pleased to offer memberships that provide you with a discounted monthly pricing for our IV Therapy services. All memberships are based on an annual term (12 Months).

Membership Options



- 2 IV Hydrations Monthly
- Select any Silver Formula
- 25% Off Boosters
- 25% Off Additional Bags

SILVER FORMULAS: Athletic Recovery, Fatigue & Wellness, Nausea & Vomiting, Cold & Flu, Migraine Relief, Full Body Detox, Energy Boost



- 4 IV Hydrations Monthly
- Select any Silver or Gold Formulas
- 50% Off Boosters
- 50% Off Additional Bags
- $49 Upgrade to Diamond Formulas

GOLD FORMULAS: Immune Boost, Hangover Remedy, Myers' Cocktail, Pre-Workout, PMS Ease, Stress Relief, Anti-Aging



- 8 IV Hydrations Monthly
- Select any Silver, Gold and Diamond Formulas
- 75% Off Boosters
- 75% Off Additional Bags

DIAMOND FORMULAS: Joint Health & Arthritis, Libido Boost, Executive Performance, Fibromyalgia

What To Expect.


When you come to Invigorate Health for the IV Therapy Membership in Mount Juliet, Franklin, or Nashville, you will first receive a free consultation to make sure you are an ideal candidate for the service, and to discuss your goals to provide a recommendation for which membership will best meet your needs. When this consultation is complete, you will know what the terms of your membership are and what you're getting.

Get Your Therapies.

Once your membership is active, you're all set to just book your appointment and come in to get your IV Therapy. Yes, it is that simple!

Next steps.

Enjoy the refreshing feelings of your IV Therapy and the Member Benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Who can get IV Therapies?

Tell us more about what you need using our Virtual Consultation Tool. Simply input your concerns and we'll provide custom treatment recommendations for your unique needs.

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